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The best travel guide for Freiburg Germany

July 20, 2020


Freiburg im Breisgau is an independent city in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. With a huge population of about 230,000, Freiburg is the fourth largest city in Bade-Wurttemberg after Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, and Mannheim. Freiburg was founded by Konrad and Duke Berthold of Zahringen in 1120 as a free market town, hence its name, which translates to “free town”. Frei means “free” and burg means “borough” was used in those days for an incorporated city or town. The German word Burg also means “a fortified town”, as in Hamburg. Thus it is well known that the name of this place means a “fortified town of free citizens”.

Freiburg Germany

Freiburg is located on the Southern edge of Germany’s the Black Forest, is a city of the university that is known for its medieval town center. After World War 2 there are many cobblestone squares lined up with late Baroque, Renaissance, and Gothic buildings. Due to many lush parks and surrounding highlands, it’s one of Europe’s most sustainable cities.

Best things to do in Freiburg Germany

Germany is itself a beautiful place; however, Freiburg is one of the best cities in terms of day and nightlife and even outing. You can easily find many places to visit in Freiburg. Also, Freiburg tourism is very famous due to the beautiful and mesmerizing things that we can see in Freiburg. If we talk about characterizing the best places to visit then it will become a tough call however still we have mentioned below to the top best places to visit in Freiburg Germany during your travel.

1. Inaugurate your day at Munsterplatz

Basically Munsterplatz is a cobblestone square in front of the Cathedral of Freiburg. See the displays of medieval and Baroque relics at the well-known Wentzinger House. The Freiburg Munster or the Cathedral of Freiburg is a quaint churchyard which has plenty of colorful buildings, most of these buildings were reconstructed after the end of World War 2. If you are fond of the ancient history of Freiburg then this would be an awesome place for you as it has a lot many historic structures.

2. Freiburg Munster or the Cathedral of Freiburg

If we talk about the city’s most distinctive landmark then the first name under it would be of the Freiburg Munster, with its towering height and gothic architecture. There are many features in it however the most impressive would be the Gothic Bell tower, which stands 116 meters in height. Also, you need to climb 400 steps to the top of the cathedral tower which gives a mesmerizing view of the beautiful Freiburg. The cathedral is open from Mon-Sat from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Sundays from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

3. The Munstermarket Freiburg

It is an open-air farmers market. You can find approx. 65 stalls of different things. If you explore the market empty-handed then there are a couple of vendors who sell woven baskets as well. If you are a foodie and enjoy eating street food this is the best place for you. Also, my recommendation would be a German cheesecake at Stefan’s Kasekuchen.

4. The museum and medieval gates in Schwanbentor

There are two gates that have been preserved since medieval times and also Freiburg is flanked by these two gates. Martin’s gate or the Martinstor was built in 1202 and is located on Kaiser-Joseph-Strasse which is a shopping street. Also, this sandstone gate is home to the municipal tower or the museum which displays thousands of handcrafted tin figures. The Museum is also a must-visit place for tourists.

5. Visit Hausbrauerie Feierling

Hausbrauerie Feierling near Augustinerplatz is one of the oldest breweries in Freiburg as it was founded in 1877. The greetings of the place are just wow, once you step inside the huge 3-storey pub, you will immediately be greeted with the sight of 2 massive copper brew colanders on the ground floor itself. The locals enjoy the summer here with large and small beers in the beer garden.

6. Haus Zum Walfisch

Haus Zum Walfisch or the whale house is an elegant late Gothic structure in Freiburg’s Old town. It is one of the city’s most photographed buildings. If you are a fan of horror movies may recognize this building as it was filmed as the ominous dance school in Dario Argento’s film which was “Suspiria”. You can also find the sculpture of a monkey biting into an apple here.

7. Enjoy the restaurant’s Food at Das Kartoffelhaus

Kartoffelsuppe is traditional potato soup, it is served as a starter in most of the restaurants of Freiburg. This is a very simple dish that is made by cooking potatoes, carrots, onions, and celery in stock and then blending it. Das kartoffelhaus is the best restaurant to have it and other food as well.

8. Have open air at Stadtgarten

Stadtgarten is a state garden of the 19th century which is located 500 meters north of Freiburg Munster. The best time to visit the park is in the summer as many concerts and festivals take place at its music pavilion. There are many rose gardens that contain about 250 species that surround a small hill within Stadtgarten.

9. Dinner at Zum Roten Baren

Zum Roten Baren is the oldest hotel in Germany. It dates back to 1120, also making the oldest guesthouse in Germany. This restaurant is almost packed with locals and tourists looking to enjoy traditional German dishes and wines in a traditional sitting. You will have to learn a bit of German as English translations aren’t printed on the menus.

10. Watch the best classical opera at Freiburg Stadttheater

By the end of the day, you can watch the best classical opera at Freiburg Stadttheater. You can also take part in or join the public discussions of various topics at the workshop organized there. You can even tour the grand concert halls of Stadttheater.

With the help of the details mentioned above, you can easily visit Freiburg easily and make the best of your trip to Germany. Also, you will just have to manage your Germany visa and then directly travel to this beautiful place and enjoy the best out of it.