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Easter Celebrations in Germany

March 19, 2018

Germany is indeed one of the finest destinations of the world if you love to explore and travel. Beautiful scenery, amazing architecture, glamorous nightlife, delectable cuisine, best ever beer and much more- the list is almost endless! So, why not travel to Germany this Easter to explore the local Easter traditions and make the most of your Germany trip.

Easter celebrates the resurrection of the Jesus on the third day (after burial) and Germans celebrate Easter with some of the most amusing traditions. One of the most popular holidays of Germany, Easter is happily and eagerly awaited by the Germans, marking the spring season.

First and foremost are the traditional “Easter Trees”, the branches and twigs of which are dripping with eggs that are beautifully and colourfully decorated. They are decorated by the locals at their homes for the festival of Easter. Next are the “Easter Eggs” which we all know, are the most prominent part of Easter celebrations across any place. In Germany “Easter Egg Hunts” are organized on either Easter Sunday or Easter Monday. Germans share a special relationship with the eggs and they are beautifully hand painted here in Germany. Chocolate eggs and bunnies are also very popular among children along with colourful eggs. Egg Bunny is basically a tradition that came from the Germans and bunnies were considered a symbol of “fertility”. During 17th century, it was considered that eggs came from the Easter bunnies and later on these bunnies became mainstream. This is how the idea of egg hiding Easter bunny came into being, the very first time from the Germans.


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Apart from the eggs, German Easter Fountains is one such tradition that is quite popular. Public fountains are decorated beautifully with eggs, ribbons and flowers for water is considered a giver of life on Earth. Last but not the least, Easter Wheel is a tradition which is practised in few regions of Germany. Big wooden wheels are stuffed with hay and straw and then lit in order to roll them down the hill during the night time.

Germany is indeed quite amazing and so are the traditions on Easter. Bonfire, Easter breakfast, Easter games and Markets will make your Germany trip even more fulfilling. So, book your Germany Visa Appointment UK by paying the required Germany Visa Fees and get your Germany Tourist Visa well in advance of your trip to have the most enjoyable Easter holidays in Germany.