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5 Exciting Things that You can do in Leipzig Germany

February 4, 2021

Germany is home to a plethora of tourist attractions & Leipzig is one of them. If you are planning for a short Leipzig travel vacation then read on to know about some exciting things that you can do there.

5 Amazing Things to do in Leipzig Germany

Augustusplatz – Begin your day with Panoramic Views

Augustusplatz germany

This iconic location is the largest square in Leipzig. It boasts spell-binding cathedrals, concert halls & historical landmarks that you can explore by foot.
In addition to that, this square hosts festivals, seasonal markets & concerts throughout the year. This square is also home to Leipzig’s tallest buildings (142.5m) – the City High-Rise. This building offers an observation platform from where you can soak in the picturesque views of Leipzig Germany.

Relish Allerlei – One of the best things to do in Leipzig

Want to delight your taste buds? Order the traditional dish of Leipzig Germany – Allerlei.
This regional dish is made up of morel mushrooms, carrots, asparagus & steamed/ sautéed peas. This scrumptious dish is usually served with crayfish or bread dumplings.
Interesting fact: This dish was created as a ruse in the 19th century against tax collectors & marauding soldiers.

Discover the Spell-Binding Art Works in Leipzig’s Museums

leipzig museum

Thomaskirche – One of the best tourist attractions in Leipzig

Leipzig is considered to be an art lover’s paradise as it boasts of a gamut of Museums & Galleries. Some of the museums that you should visit are:
Museum of Fine Arts – It was founded in 1837. This expansive museum is home to about 2700 paintings that date back to the timeframe of 15th to 21st century.
Grass Complex – This museum is located on Johannisplatz. It is divided into 3 sections for fine arts, etymology & music instruments.
Spinnerei – If you want to explore the arts community, then head over to the Spinnerei which showcases artwork by designs & budding artists of Leipzig.

St. Thomas Church or Thomaskirche (in German) is a neo-Gothic church that was built in the 12th century. During World War II, this church was destroyed. However, massive restoration was undertaken by the local government & it was opened to the public in 2000.
Some of the major attractions of Thomaskirche are the statue of Johann Sebastian Bach (composer), Epitaphs of prominent figures & marble baptismal font that showcases biblical scenarios.

Altes Rathaus – A Must-See attraction of Leipzig Germany

altes rathaus

The Old Town Hall or Altes Rathaus is an iconic architectural marvel that dates back to 1556. It is a prime example of Renaissance architecture which boasts of spell-binding ballrooms that host concerts as well as various events. This elegant town hall houses the Museum of City History which showcases the development trajectory of Leipzig from medieval to modern times.
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