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Famous Cuisine that shouldn’t be missed when visiting Germany

July 9, 2018

Germany is home to many famous recipes and delicious cuisine developed through centuries of evolution and change. German food is termed as ‘comfort food’ due to the large portions of food in each serving. Germany is widely known for its different varieties of Wurst i.e. Sausages and Sauerkraut, fermented cabbage salad. Different regions in Germany have their own tasty dishes and famous traditional cuisine. Visit Germany on a Germany tourist visa and experience the food offered in the country.

Germany is home to Cars and Beer. But German cuisine is equally famous. Here are top 5 German Dishes that will leave your taste buds salivating for more.

Wurst (Sausage) –

Bratwurst is one of the most famous sausages from Germany. It contains finely chopped pork, beef and veal. It has many variations that originate from the different regions in Germany.

Sauerkraut –

The Shredded cabbage is fermented with salt and pickled in a lactic acid fermentation process. Many different vegetables and condiments are used to create different varieties of Sauerkraut including beer flavored sauerkraut.

Spatzle –

This is a side dish that is made with eggs, flour and salt as the main ingredients. It is served with a main dish consisting of meat or sometimes added to soups. It is a sort of pasta that is eaten during breakfast and has many variations to its taste depending on the region.

Schnitzel –

Pounded by a meat tenderizer and coated with flour, bread crumbs and eggs and then fried in oil is known as Schnitzel. Different varieties of meats are used such as chicken, mutton, beef, pork etc. to create the dish.

Rote Grutze –

Rote Grutze is a classic German dessert. This is generally a dish prepared with red fruits and berries and summer mostly redcurrant, blackcurrant, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, blackberries etc. It is basically a pudding that is topped with the fruits cooked partially in sugar. It is then allowed to cool and then warmed again for 2 minutes to get the generalization of the fruit.

All the above Dishes and recipes should not be missed out on when you are travelling to Germany. Be sure to get your Germany visa application form deposited before your travel dates to get the German Tourist Visa on Schedule. If you have planned a last minute visit then apply for a Germany express Visa and enjoy the heavenly taste of these dishes.