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german christmas market

Stupendous Festive Journey to German Christmas Markets

November 24, 2018

Travelling to Germany during winters is seraphic! Biting cold and profuse snowfall! These astounding conditions that prevail in Germany during this season make it an incredible traveler’s paradise.

Embark on an enthralling journey to this breath taking tourist attraction this festive season. Step inside an unforgettable winter wonderland, packed full of magical moments, festive charms & seasonal surprises. Just fill the online Germany Visa Application Form & Apply for Germany Visa now.

Winter Wonders of Germany

Winters are the most magical season of Germany. Germans participate in the series of amazing fun activities & festival celebration to beat the extensive winter chill.

Every city, town, hamlet of Germany is blinged out with Christmas lights, little wooden stalls & German Christmas market ready to sell you everything from hot mulled wine to local handicrafts.

The winter wonderland offers a plethora of phenomenal fun activities & entertainments to its visitors worth experiencing – from merry carnivals & chocolate tasting to spectacular fireworks & other religious festivals.

However, Christmas Markets in Germany remain the star of the season. Aroma of sizzling sausages, ginger bread and mulled wine on streets best describe the advent of Christmas celebration in Germany. To experience the transcending freshness of festive vibes in Germany apply for Germany Visa now.

Magical German Christmas Markets 

German Christmas Market offer a diverse bouquet of exhilarating entertainment activities such as ethereal display of fireworks, delectable eateries, local handicrafts display, live concerts and a lot more.

British version of German Christmas markets is irreplaceable! The multitude of Christmas markets organized in wide range of locations within Germany put visitors in a maddening dilemma. Though each market is unique in its own way, the few best places in Germany that offer visitors exhilarating Christmas marvels include:

1. Dresden:

The Dresden Striezelmarkt is Germany’s oldest Christmas market. The Christmas Market activity in this wonderfully rebuilt city on the River Elbe dates back to 1434- making it arguably the oldest in existence. If you fancy having a rich dried fruit and marzipan enhanced stollen cake, then Dresden Striezelmarkt is the perfect place to head for Christmas celebration as it is a local fruitcake sold exclusively at Christmas markets here.

The market takes pride in its giant candle pyramid that stands 14 meters tall, making it the world’s tallest. Other Dresden traditions include local culinary delight- gingerbread and mulled wine spiced with cloves and cinnamon, alluring hand manufactured toys, melodious church choirs, puppet theatre, fairytale house and a lot more.

Dresden Striezelmarkt schristmas market germany

To experience the traditional Saxon treats & bustling marketplace of the holiday season in the heart of the baroque city of Dresden, fill Germany Visa Application Form online and apply for Germany Visa.

2. Cologne:

Cologne Cathedral offers a stunning backdrop to German Christmas market. The place is the magnificent Gothic edifice that took more than 600 years to complete & holds the city’s defining feature. The largest natural Christmas tree lit by 50,000 LED lights that resides at the cathedral square is the limelight of the celebration. Other highlights of the Germany Christmas market here include 150 merrily decorated wooden booths that serve up wintry treats & display artisanal crafts such as intricate wooden carvings & colorful blown glass.


Merriment & dose of winter cheer is only a short flight away. So don’t delay. Apply for Germany Visa and embark on an enthralling journey to Germany this festive season.