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Things to Do in Hamburg, Germany

August 22, 2018

Hamburg, the second largest city of Germany, is a major international and domestic tourist destination. It lies at the head of estuary of the River Elbe. It forms an important link between the sea and Germany’s network of waterways and is a home to Europe’s second largest port. The commercial background of the city has built its wealth in the past centuries.

This elegant and cultural city has a lot to offer. Opera, theatres, museums, magazines, unique experiences of shopping, bars and what not! The maritime charm, haute cuisines, modern art and beach clubs make Hamburg one of the most beautiful cities of Germany. Visit Hamburg with Germany Visa and let yourself be enchanted by the charm of this modern and cultural city.

There are a number of mesmerizing places to visit in Hamburg. Mentioned here are some of the honorary:

1. Elbphilharmonie:

The dazzling glass structure with wave-like rooftops has taken its inspiration from three structures: the ancient theatre at Delphi, sports stadium and tents. The architects Pierre de Meuron, Jacques Herzog and Ascan Mergenthaler have been working since 2003. This new Hamburg landmark opened its doors to the visitors on 11th January 2017. This structure includes the Grand Hall, a hotel and a Plaza. The Grand hall has a seating for around 2100 guests. The Plaza is 37 meters above the surface of the ground and provides the visitors a spectacular 360 degree view of the entire city and harbor.


2. Mahnmal St-Nikolai:

The second largest structure and most important memorial of Hamburg is St. Nicholas Church. The main cathedral of the church was destroyed in air raids in 1943. The ruins of this magnificent Gothic cathedral tell a lot about the history of Hamburg. This remains stand as a testament briefing the poignant history of Germany. The historical engravings, drawings and art recall the war and destruction that it brought.

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3. Speicherstadt:

Speicherstadt, the largest warehouse district of the world proudly bears the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in the port of Hamburg, it was built to transfer goods without paying any customs. The buildings stand on the timber-pile foundation. This bunch of old buildings stretch for at least 1.5 kilometers. Apply for Germany Visa now and grab the opportunity to visit Hamburg tourist attractions.


Here is a list of top things to do in Hamburg while you are in Hamburg:

1. Food and Cuisines:

Hamburg offers a large number of restaurants. You can experience the culinary delicacies and authentic Hamburg cuisines of the region. Some of the top restaurants of Hamburg are: Krameramtstuben located by St.Micheal’s Church, the oldest pub restaurant Veermaster, the much loved Fischerhaus known for delicious fresh fish dishes, old and renovated with modern style Elbspeicher and the unmistakable place of total rock and roll-Hard Rock Café.

2. Shopping:

Whether you are a lover of fine fashion or fashion victim, Hamburg offers you a lot to hunt. From second-hand to luxury, from high-fashion to vintage, everything that your heart desires; united under a single roof. Some of the famous shopping malls of Hamburg are: DOC Neumunster Shopping Centre, Soltau Outlet, Alstertal Einkaufszentrum, Europa Passage and Alsterarkaden Shopping Arcades.

3. Nightlife:

Hamburg’s nightlife is possibly the best in Europe. With the amount of trendy bars, traditional pubs, discos with DJs and what not! Hamburg has a lot to present the Nightlife Lovers! The divergent and untamed-St Pauli, trendy and alternative-Strenschanze, luxurious Privileg, Moloch for the young and free are some of the coolest bars of Hamburg.

Hamburg, the Gateway to the world, is the place that gives you a perfect excuse to savor the maritime charm. Apply for Germany Visa now.