If you are a UK national, only then you are not liable to apply for a German visa. Foreign residents in the UK are liable to apply for a German visa or Germany Schengen visa before your trip to Germany. Applicants who apply for Germany Schengen visa are allowed to travel to any of the 26 Schengen countries but the longest stay must be in the country you applied for, in this case Germany.

To know about visits to another Schengen country you can look on the visa. The duration and the number of entries are mentioned in the visa. There are single entry, two entry and multiple entry visas; so, it depends on the number of entries you are permitted to make.

The validity of visa depends upon the number of days you applied for, with the embassy. Maximum limit is 90 days for tourist visa in which the applicant can stay in Germany or the Schengen zone. The catch behind this visa is that you have to stay in the country you applied visa for, for the longest number of days. However, people who want to visit Germany for work, business or study purposes might have to apply for Germany business visa or Germany student visa respectively.

To get a Germany Tourist Visa is not that difficult! All you need is to fill an application form for Germany tourist visa online. After that you’ll have to book an appointment with the Embassy and you will get your visa OR you may contact third-party visa issuance services like Germany Visa who ensures your hassle free visa issuance. Well, you need to apply for Germany visa online, fill the online application form for Germany Visa via us and leave it all on us! We will book an appointment with the Embassy, for you. At the time of the visa interview your documents will be verified. If all goes well, within 15 days you’ll surely get your visa and passport via post.

The passport must be valid for at least 90 days post your Visa expiration date.

Yes, the consulate will forward a refusal letter to the applicant whose application has been refused, stating the reason behind the rejection.

No, the visa fee is non-refundable and is not subjected to refund in case the application gets rejected. Though it is in our best interest to assist you till you get your Germany visa, still the decision on your approval solely depends on the decision made by the consulate.

Yes, an applicant can apply for a visa once it has been rejected. But, he/she must keep it in mind to make the devised changes by the Embassy/consulate.


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