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Visa Documents List:   

The appropriate submission of your visa documents is essential to its acceptance, since incomplete or incorrect data frequently results in the application being denied. To avoid any hassles or delays in acquiring the Germany Visa, it is essential that you completely fill out the Germany Visa Application Form and meet all necessary requirements for a Germany Embassy Visa. Regardless of whether you are a student in UK, a spouse of a UK citizen or even a worker in the UK who want’s to visit Germany on vacation. To ensure that you receive your visa permit on time and reduce your chances of rejection, you must bring the correct and sufficient documents as requested by the German Embassy at the German Visa Center.    

To ensure that you receive your visa on time, Germany Visa offers you current information and professional advice on Germany Schengen Visa requirements. We are dedicated to helping you with all of your visa needs and carefully review each application to ensure that all criteria specific to that application are fulfilled.

These are the needed documents that the German Embassy or Consulate needs in order to process your application for a Schengen visa to Germany. However, depending on the individual case and the kind of applicant, these requirements might change.

  1. Hotel Accommodation: To confirm to the Embassy/Consulate that you have made bookings for accommodation for the duration of your stay in Germany, you must provide Proof of Hotel Accommodation. You would need to show the sponsor's original "Attestation accursed" if you were to stay with a German household.
  2. Proof of Transportation: If the applicant is traveling by car, they must present the consulate with a certain set of documents or proof of travel reservations in the form of flight, trains, boat, or bus tickets.
  3. Proof of Income: To confirm that an applicant can support himself while in Germany and has enough money, proof of income, also known as proof of sufficient personal means of subsistence, is needed.
  4. Marriage Certificate: A legally translated civil marriage certificate in either English or German must be submitted by the dependent spouse of a UK national (if required).
  5. Requirements for Insurance: Emergency medical care and repatriation costs must be covered by medical and travel insurance.   

Are you still unsure about what your Germany Schengen Visa requires? Just ask for a callback, and a member of our Visa staff will help you. Feel free to reach out!!  


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